In the previous post I discussed my strategy for building a large modular latex project. I realized I never shared any of the actual work I did. I was the TA for a course called ISC-4933: Iterative and Direct Solvers for Linear Systems. It was the first time the course was taught and I was tasked with typing up the lecture notes. I took the opportunity sharpen my LaTeX skills and to finally really learn TikZ the right way! (I highly recommend reading the tutorials in the official TikZ manual.) All of the work was compiled into a single document and put on an ISC-4933 github page. In the interest of sharing I thought I would post all the figures I created for the course.

If you find any of these figures useful feel free to use them and let me know in the comments (as well as if there are any errors)! The source code for every figure as well as PDF versions are available on the ISC-4933 github page also. For the motivation and context surrounding the figure you will have to reference the full text.

Without further delay, all the figures!

Geometric Multi Grid

Randomized SVD

Structured Matrices

Krylov Methods